National Rosé Day: Limited Ticket Offer


First-Come, First-Served: 10 Complimentary & 10 Discounted Tickets To National Rosé Day

Since the inception of National Rosé Day in 2018, it has been customary for us to provide complimentary tickets to a selection of private groups and companies. This year marks the first time we have hosted this event since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are delighted to extend Ten Complimentary – General Access Tickets as well as Ten Advanced Tickets for the exclusive use of your private group, its administrators, as they best see fit. Tickets are typically distributed through gamification or first-come, first-served basis. We’ll leave it up to you how best to gift the tickets—limited purchases to 1 item per order.


We’re pleased to offer you Ten Complimentary General Access Tickets and Ten Advanced Tickets to the official National Rosé Day celebration. With this ticket, you’ll have access to the main event, including our beautifully curated rosé bars presented by Discovery Wines’ certified rosé experts. This bespoke occasion is tailored for all discerning connoisseurs and luminaries, providing an educational and entertaining exploration of premium rosé varietals.

Notably: Advanced Tickets Include Four Drinks | Comp Tickets Do Not Come With Comp Drinks.

  • The event Starts at 6:00 pm Sharp (Duration: 4 hrs).
  • Access to full bar service throughout the day ($).
  • Access to Local food, fashion, and Marine Vendors ($).
  • Access to live entertainment & Djs
  • Get a unique promo code for our online store (Deals on Rosé wine & summertime rosé-chic gifts)
  • Access to our photo-ready Instagramable backdrops
  • Expertly curated Rosé bars by top Rated Rosé brands
  • ($) Access to media sessions by Studio 57 Photography or Cerise Photography (Prints Not Included).
  • Access to Charity games ($)
  • Great prizes

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One Complimentary Ticket, Advanced Tickets

National Rosé Day: Limited Ticket Offer

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